Week 3 ACC Pick 'Em



We have a new Friday feature here at Blogger So Dear. Every Friday we will be predicting ACC games both by score and spread. We'll keep tally and see if we can hold our own against the oddsmakers. We make no promises about these predictions and would highly recommend that you not liquidate all of your assets to make bets with our picks.

Lines from

WVU  at Maryland (-1)

Bart - WVU 30-27 

Riley- WVU 28-24

Rob- WVU 31-28

West Virginia heads to Maryland in this rivalry game. Maryland is missing two of their receivers due to undisclosed reasons. This could certainly be a factor. Maryland will regret their decision of not offering Tavon Austin a scholarship. All three of us see WVU pulling the 'upset.'


Auburn at Clemson (-3.5)

Bart- Auburn 27-20

Riley- Auburn 31-27

Rob- Auburn 30-21

Clemson has confidence coming into the Battle of the Tigers as they have won their last two games in Death Valley against defending National Champions. But given their struggles against Troy and Wofford, this Battle of the Tigers will go to the defending champs.


Duke at Boston College (-7)

Bart- Boston College 41-20

Riley- Boston College 24-20 (Duke Covers) 

Rob- Boston College 28-20

Duke has just been unbelievably bad this year. Despite Boston College's struggles at the start of the season, they should still be able to beat the lowly Blue Devils. The Blue Devils better circle F.I.U. and Tulane on their calendars, because if they do not win either of those, they could be looking at a goose egg.


Kansas at Georgia Tech (-14.5)

Bart- Georgia Tech 34-21 (Kansas Covers)

Riley- Georgia Tech 35-24 (Kansas Covers)

Rob- Georgia Tech 31-24 (Kansas Covers)

Georgia Tech has been very impressive so far this season, but we believe that 14.5 is just too great a margin. Georgia Tech fans won't be nervous in the fourth quarter, but if you pick Tech to cover, then you probably will be. 


Virginia at North Carolina (-10)

Bart- Virginia 27-21

Riley- North Carolina 23-14 (Virginia Covers)

Rob- North Carolina 24-17 (Virginia Covers)

Virginia was very impressive against William & Mary, but they really came back to Earth against Indiana. That being said, 10 points is just too many. They may get a backdoor cover, but we think the smart money is on Virginia.



Arkansas State at Virginia Tech (-24)

Bart- Virginia Tech 48-17

Riley- Virginia Tech 41-7

Rob- Virginia Tech 45-10

Virginia Tech's defense has just been stifling. We know Arkansas State had an impressive win against Memphis, but we could go to the intramural field and find teams who could beat Memphis. Virginia Tech will win running away. They look like the favorite to win the ACC. Although, Virginia Tech, I don't want to hear any complaints if you go undefeated and don't go to the National Championship. Your non-conference schedule is just embarrassing.


South Alabama at North Carolina State (-25)

Bart- State 51-13

Riley- State 41-17 (South Alabama covers)

Rob- State 45-21 (South Alabama covers)

Why is State scheduling 2 FCS teams? Only one counts towards bowl eligibility and this hurts ticket sales. Schedule Memphis. It may hurt ticket sales, but at least the program will get another win. Given State's poor performance against Liberty, Riley and I expect South Alabama to score a fair amount and cover. Bart has other plans...

(Bart is on record that he will run around our apartment naked if South Alabama scores 20 or more points...)



Ohio State at Miami (-2.5)

Bart- Ohio State 30-3

Riley- Ohio State 28-24

Rob- Ohio State 27-20

In the battle of the cleanest programs in the NCAA, we expect Ohio State to go into Coral Gables and get the win. We'll be rooting for the ACC to get the win, but you can't win big games with Jacory Harris as your QB. Today, Ron Artest legally changed his name to Metta World Peace. Tomorrow, Jacory Harris should officially change his name to Turnover Prone.


Oklahoma (-3) at Florida State

Bart- Oklahoma 34-21

Riley- Oklahoma 38-21

Rob- Oklahoma 45-24

ESPN continues to hype this game, but we simply do not buy into the hype. Landry Jones is a Heisman candidate and he should lead the Sooners on scoring drives all night. Look for Jones to silence the Tallahassee crowd early and often.


Gardner-Webb at Wake Forest (-34)

Bart- Wake Forest 48-10

Riley- Wake Forest 51-14

Rob- Wake Forest 45-10

We're not quite sure what to make of this game. We guarantee a Wake victory, but who knows how conservative we will be in the second half. That's the only keeping Wake from covering. We wouldn't blame Coach Grobe one bit if we got a very comfortable lead and decided to avoid injuries headed into a difficult 9 week stretch.

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