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This past year at Blogger So Dear has certainly had its fair share of up and downs. Athletically speaking, Wake Forest just completed one of the worst years in the history of the school. Our primary revenue sports, basketball and football, combined to go a paltry 11-33 (25%), and went a shocking 2-22 (8.3%) in the Atlantic Coast Conference. These numbers are clearly not what any fan base should want, and are frankly unacceptable.

That being said, there were certainly some ups as well. The Wake Forest Women's Soccer team won their first ACC Championship in school history with a phenomenal ACC title game victory over Maryland in PK's. The Men's Baseball team had a fantastic run at the end of the year to make their first ACC tournament under Coach Tom Walter (and of course who could forget the story of the year in college baseball: the donation of a kidney to Kevin Jordan).

The point of this article is to take a final examination of the year we just finished and put it behind us as we move forward to a new year of Wake Forest sports. I will also lay out a schedule of events for the rest of the summer as we get into football season, and what the reader can expect from us over the next year.

Click through to get a perspective on Wake Forest athletics going forward, as well as the direction of Blogger So Dear over the next athletic year.

A year like this can make a fanbase and alumni very uneasy about the direction of the program, and that is a fair take on the situation. I will throw out this other way to see it though. Wake Forest has overachieved in athletics quite frequently throughout this decade, and years like this are something that can be expected from time to time. That is not to say that last year is acceptable, because it is clearly not, with perhaps the worst basketball team in ACC history, and a football team that is nothing to write home about either. There have been objections, fair and unfair, about all of our coaches, and even Ron Wellman has not been immune to this criticism. I am fine with criticism from time to time, and I believe that some of it this year was deserved. I do believe that a large part of it was unfair too, and hope that in the future people will refrain from saying some things that have been posted on here and other places around the internet.

The staff here at Blogger So Dear has also experienced an odd year. We had writers moving jobs in the real world, accepting new ones, traveling the world, and yet, throughout all of that, the passion for Wake Forest did not wane in the least. However, because of real world situations, writing articles for BSD often took a backseat to what was necessary to deal with in our real lives. It did not in any way mean that we cared any less about Wake Forest. Believe me, we still exchanged texts/calls/Skype messages as frequently as ever. Posts counts on here, as well as on prominent message boards went way up as we all had our own take on the situations from time to time. We do want to make some changes and this offers a bit of an explanation as to why articles died down over the year, and into the summer.

For me, I got burned out a bit after the year because of everything that had built up over the year. Writing articles and responding to comments is something that I enjoy very much. When the team that you are covering is not doing very well, it does not take away from the fun, but it does make the tension go up, and that was evident on here as well. As most of the readers have probably noticed by now, we have not had a lot of coverage over the past two months. What coverage we have had has been primarily FanShots, where we link another article to BSD and create conversation (or no conversation haha) on here.

As Jake and Martin get settled down in the real world, and Bart and myself finish up with vacations and get back to school, our goal is to pick up content and make Blogger So Dear better than before. We have added a fantastic writer in TMyers, and will continue to rely from time-to time on statistical and analytical articles from RReinhard, Stonz, and Joshua. Our primary goal from here on out is to have at least one article go up everyday and provide content that our readers can enjoy and rely on. We want to become a website that generates discussion, provides a unique mix of opinions and factual knowledge, and is a welcoming community that people come to every single day for peoples information about Wake Forest athletics.

Here is what we have coming up in the coming weeks (starting this afternoon, and continuing on a daily basis after):


  • Resuming the Daily Links Dump that Jake and Martin started a couple of years ago. This is where we will consolidate links from all over the internet in one place for Wake Forest fans to read opinions and articles about Mother So Dear. This is a fantastic way to get the pulse of the regional and national view of Wake Forest, and especially achievements and accomplishments of individual scholar-athletes.
  • A very thorough breakdown of the football team at every position. In this daily section, we will highlight the projected starter at every position, breakdown their strengths and weaknesses, look at stats from years past, and examine the players that back them up in case of an injury (as well as for the future).
  • Conduct interviews with our brother SBNation sites to provide an expert look into our opponents for this year. I would suggest checking out these other sites to get a good grasp of what they have going on there too because there is some great stuff out there. I would especially recommend BCInterruption, and TomahawkNation. We have a fantastic relationship with both of these websites, and strive to be more like them in almost everything that we do. They are perfect examples of how a blog should be run, and we are very lucky to have their advice and knowledge at our fingertips to utilize.
  • Provide an "inside look" at the Wake Forest basketball Summer League. This is probably one of the most exciting times of the year, and I would lie if I said it wasn't one of my favorite parts of the year as well. The Summer League is something that I shared responsibilities with Jake last year, but I believe that I am going to primarily be going at it solo this year with video and analysis that will be as up-to-date as possible. We will provide video highlights, statistics, opinions, and anything else that you can imagine for the people that cannot attend it. Our goal is to make you, the reader, as informed about the team as somebody that went to every game is.
  • In case y'all have not noticed, TMyers has done an amazing job of providing interviews with potential basketball recruits. That will not stop, and in fact will pickup over the rest of July. This is a big month in terms of recruiting, and I will be assisting in calling, viewing, and analyzing these recruits to provide as much information as possible. This is a great part of this gig because we get to talk to outstanding student-athletes who are as excited to talk to us as we are to talk to them. It is also a great way to get to know about multiple players that may not wind up at Wake Forest, but are very interested in our school and website.
There are many other things that we are rolling out in the next few months as well. We have some staff meetings planned where we will make some changes and get on a schedule that will benefit everybody. That will make things easier on the reader, and will only make the website better. As sorry as we are that we have not been doing a great job over the last two months of staying on top of everything, I believe it is a very good thing because we can now get back up on that pogo stick and do the best work yet to make Blogger So Dear the go-to website for Wake Forest sports information.

We want to encourage more participation with not only the website and the community, but with the writers and editors as well. I know that in the past people have believed us to be too hands-on, but we are completely willing to work with anybody, and are always looking for new writers. Our e-mails are all listed on the website, we all have Twitter handles, and your opinion is important to all of us. If you have an idea about something that will make the site better then we want to hear about it. Contributing to the website is also a big aspect. Fanshots and Fanposts are what makes SBNation better than any other website out there. We aren't any different than y'all, we are fans who love to write about it on here. If y'all write an article or link on then you will get it thrown up on the main page and will get credit for it. We do this stuff for the readers, and we want to make it the best it can be, so write away.

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them here or shoot me an e-mail. I am available pretty much all the time and will get back to you ASAP. We are turning over a new leaf here at Blogger So Dear, and want all of you to be a big part of it. Just as Wake Forest athletics are looking to bounce back from last year, we are looking to bounce back from this funk that we have been in, and cannot wait to get that started from every angle.

And of course as always, Go Deacs!
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