All-ACC Teams Announced


In a down year for the Deacs, there are obviously not a lot of things to get excited about, but let's give it up for Travis McKie. The freshman from Richmond, VA gave it his all every single game and has been rewarded with a spot on the ACC All-Freshman Team.

Travis got 74 out of the 75 votes, and I'm going to jump to conclusions and assume the person that didn't vote for him was a UNC writer who wanted Barnes to be the only unanimous freshman on the team. Obviously I can't back this up, but it is either this, or the person did not watch a lot of basketball throughout the course of the year.

Click through for basketball All-ACC teams.

All-ACC First Team 
Nolan Smith, Duke (225)+ 
Jordan Williams, Maryland (210) 
Malcolm Delaney, Virginia Tech (202) 
Kyle Singler, Duke (199) 
Reggie Jackson, Boston College (190)


All-ACC Second Team 
Tyler Zeller, North Carolina (161) 
John Henson, North Carolina (148) 
Harrison Barnes, North Carolina (145) 
Iman Shumpert, Georgia Tech (132) 
Jeff Allen, Virginia Tech (131)

All-ACC Third Team 
Chris Singleton, Florida State (126) 
Demontez Stitt, Clemson (81) 
Joe Trapani, Boston College (63) 
Malcolm Grant, Miami (62) 
Kendall Marshall, North Carolina (45)

ACC All-Freshman Team 
Harrison Barnes, North Carolina (75)+ 
Travis McKie, Wake Forest (74) 
Kendall Marshall, North Carolina (71) 
Terrell Stoglin, Maryland (62) 
C.J. Leslie, NC State (46)

ACC All-Defensive Team 
John Henson, North Carolina (75)+ 
Chris Singleton, Florida State (64) 
Iman Shumpert, Georgia Tech (60) 
Nolan Smith, Duke (26) 
Jerai Grant, Clemson (20)

+ unanimous selection for applicable team

Some notes:


  • First time in history that the team finishing first in the ACC has not had any players on the All-ACC First Team. 
  • Nolan Smith, Harrison Barnes, and John Henson were the only unanimous players selected to their respective teams.
  • I already talked about the absurdity of McKie not being unanimous, so I won't harp on that too much.'
  • With the ACC really down this year it is hard to have a lot of umbrage with any of the selections.
Chime in with y'alls thoughts on the selections, and particularly Travis McKie not being a unanimous pick (which I really hope we

find more details about later).
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