Outsiders Evaluate Bzdelik's Stink After Florida State Game

Wake ranks 11th in the ACC in scoring offense, 12th (last) in scoring defense, 12th (last) in scoring margin, 11th in FG%, 12th (last) in FG% defense, 12th in rebounding-margin, 12th in assists, 12th in TO-margin, 11th in steals, and 12th in assist/turnover ratio.

In short, the cold, hard evidence confirms what 90+% of us already know & feel, it's gone from bad and embarrassing in losing against the lowest of the low mid-majors, to additional losses against more mid-majors, to worse losses with zero credibility against marginal ACC opposition. Our margin of loss remains a shade over 25 points per game, and our closest ACC loss was by 19 points. Wake hoops has become a sick joke, even before the latest 20+ loss to Maryland, guess how many field goals we made in the first half against Florida St.? 7.

Here is an annotated collection of what Tomahawk Nation had to say about us pre-game, what their regional newspaper had to say post-game, and what the Winston-Salem Journal said post-game, more on what our dumpster fire smells like to kindred spirits after the jump...

From Tomahawk Nation:

Wake is led by first year head coach Jeff Bzdelik (buzz-DEL-ick), who failed to win half his games in any of his three seasons at Colorado, and left with a 36-58 (10-38) record. His previous stops as a head coach (UMBC, Denver Nuggets, Air Force) were all 2-year stints. So far this year the Deacons are 1-9 against teams ranked in the top 100 by KenPom, and also have losses to Stetson (home), Winthrop (home), UNC Wilmington and Presbyterian (home).

Don’t assume Wake is untalented just because they’re bad. Though they lost the 8th pick in last years’ NBA draft  they still have 7 consensus top-100 recruits on their roster (just like FSU). That talent has led them to the 230th ranked offense and 263rd ranked defense in the country.

Bzdelik’s Colorado squads had defenses ranked 11th, 12th and 12th in the Big 12, and obviously this year they’re the worst defense in the ACC.

Orlando Sentinel:

Nice win for Florida State on Tuesday night but don’t go overboard. Yes, Wake Forest is that bad. Nonetheless, the Seminoles did what they needed to do, took any drama out of this game early and coasted throughout much of the second half.

Why Florida State won: Well, if we’re being honest here – and we try to be – it would have been difficult to lose to this Wake Forest team. The Demon Deacons have lost to Stetson, Winthrop, UNC-Wilmington, Presbyterian and a lot of other teams. Heck, the Seminoles didn’t even play all that well. They shot just 41.7 percent and finished with more turnovers than assists. But Florida State did shoot better than 50 percent in the second half and it outrebounded Wake 47-33. Those were two big reasons why the margin grew as large as it did. That and Wake just isn’t a very good basketball team.

Key stat: Florida State shot 51.4 percent during the second half – a shooting display that never allowed the Demon Deacons to creep back into the game.

Key stat II: The Seminoles outrebounded Wake 47-33 and outscored the Demon Deacons 40-22 in the paint. That’s two Key stat II’s in one right there.

From our very own Winston-Salem Journal inventorying the decreasing value of the program & assessing the quality, or, ah-hem, "integrity" of the answers we've received from the Wellman/Bzdelik clique:

Woods was never a pillar, and freshman Chennault returned last week. Their absences hurt the Deacons' early development, although not as much as Wellman contends. In an interview with the Journal, Wellman said he asked Bzdelik which teams in America could be any good after losing their point guard and center.

A short answer: No. 1 Ohio State (which lost point guard Evan Turner, the national player of the year, and added center Jared Sullinger, the nation's best freshman right now) and No. 3 Duke (which lost point guard Jon Scheyer and center Brian Zoubek, then watched freshman point guard Kyrie Irving go out with a severely injured toe).

Hopefully the University has started the countdown until Wellman and Bzdelik are fired and we can tie this one off. We have a lot to thank Wellman for, but it is time to move on. Bzdelik, while he seems like a nice person, has done for us not so much. Looking through assurances from the duo that seem at best as grounded in reality as A Scanner Darkly or Waking Life, and at worst shamelessly dishonest, things have not gotten better one iota as this season nears the end. This isn't Wake basketball, and it's certainly not going in the direction influential alumni and fans want - up.

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