If Jeff Bzdelik Were Fired At Season's End, Who Should Replace Him?

I was having this conversation with RA and I thought this convo. deserved a forum of its own. If you don't think Bzdelik will be fired, it doesn't matter, treat it for fun then. For the seeming majority of alums & fans/the rest of us who'd like Bzdelik to be fired at season's end and tie off this season before we discover just how far the bottom is, suggest which GOOD head coach you'd want as Wake Forest's head coach to replace this lame-duck!

I'm starting with listing a few suggestions. Suggest yours and have fun!

In my own order of preference as of 2/20/11:

1) Matt Painter, head coach at Purdue
2) Billy Gillispie (I don’t think a lone DUI makes him the devil, he never had recruiting violations but is one of THE best recruiters left on the available list, he’s a fiery guy who is a sheer workaholic that will outwork his peers and opposing coaches preparing and recruiting, AND he wants to coach again and very likely has learned some important lessons in administrative diplomacy after his experience at Kentucky) and we should get him if we are lucky enough that Wyoming waits long enough. Listening to him, he almost sounds born-again in his conviction to win & live life in a more balanced fashion. I think with that new-found perspective on life and hoops, that he could be ridiculously at home at Wake Forest and make history in a very good way.
3) Jamie Dixon, head coach at Pitt (the Big East tries to brand itself as historically on-par with the ACC but it won’t last, and Wake’s a better job than Pitt). Incidentally, as a fun fact, Painter is from Dixon’s coaching tree. Dixon is young, very good at coaching basketball & has the track record to prove it, and in stark contrast to Bzdelik is extremely charismatic & excellent at galvanizing his players to fight for him
4) Randy Bennett, head coach at St. Mary’s.
5) Tony Jones, assistant at Tennessee (and saying he’s Bruce Pearl is just fearmongering, everyone knows Pearl is a blustering, bombastic guy who will do things his own way & that eventually got him into trouble, Jones is ready and is one of the best assistant coach/recruiters in the nation).
6) Chris Mack, head coach at Xavier, and from the Skip Prosser coaching tree

I think that’s a pretty good start. I love Painter, Gillispie, and Dixon. For me they’re:
#1: Painter
#2A) Dixon
#2B) Gillispie.

They’re all competent (have track records that would make Bzdelik poop his pants in envy), great recruiters, proven leaders, and are ready to take the next step. Especially Painter. He’s young and hungry, it’s his time and I think he’d excel at Wake Forest. Painter’s ceiling at Wake Forest is much higher than Jeff Bzdelik’s.

Okay, thoughts on these 6 and suggest other potential head coaches and up-and-coming assistants!

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