Blogger So Dear Interviews: Wake Forest G L.D. Williams


L.D. Williams has had an exciting three years in his time at Wake Forest. The 6'4" guard from Yadkinville had a short adjustment period from high school to the ACC, asked to start all 31 games in his freshman season, but he answered the call, scoring 8.2 points and adding 4.1 rebounds (right near his career average of  8.0 points and 2.7 rebounds). He quickly became a fan favorite for his defense, his intensity and his propensity for rim rattling dunks.

He enters his senior season with a very talented core, including four seniors--Wiliams, David Weaver, Ish Smith and Chas McFarland--and the team has brought in three players in Ari Stewart, Konner Tucker and CJ Harris. Not to mention returning players Ty Walker, Tony Woods, Al-Farouq Aminu and Gary Clark. The Deacs may have lost Jeff Teague and James Johnson to the NBA, but they will still contend and make some noise in the ACC.

Blogger So Dear had the chance to catch up with L.D.; questions and answers after the jump.


1. How's the summer going/what have you been working on?

Summer has been goin well. I am here taking classes so I've been in the area. I've just been in the weight room getting stronger and getting shots up to get ready for the upcoming season. I try to find pick up games here and there and even invite some of my friends from other colleges to come play in the Miller Center when we can get enough guys to play.

2. How are Ari/Konner/CJ doing? How will they help the team next year?

I think the guys are gonna help us out alot next season. CJ can be a threat at both guard positions and Konnor can flat out shoot the ball. Add those guys with the athleticism of Ari Stewart, we will have a pretty strong group of newcomers.

3. Have you talked to Jeff or James? What'd they say about last week?

I have had a chance to talk to both of our guys. James is really excited, I am too. Not only is James a good friend of mine, but he got drafted to my favorite team so it's a win win for me. Jeff is more laid back we havent talked as much, but i know he is excited. I mean they are both living dreams.

4. What are your expectations for next year?

I have high expectations for our team. We are so mature We have 4 SENIORS and a junior. We know how it is in the conference. There isnt anything that we have not seen as a group. It's just about getting the young guys on the same page as us, but that wont be too hard.

5. Who do you model your game after? Who are your favorite players in the NBA?

Well my favorite player is Tracy McGrady, but I think I play like Andre Igoudala and D-Wade.

6. Who's the toughest player you've defended?

Jeff Teague hands down!  By far no comparison...

7. What's your best memory so far?

Walking through the tunnel with the Screamin Demons in the tie dye shirts-- Beating Dook and hugging my mom after the game...that was an amazing moment.

8. What have you been listening to lately?

Ha... I have been listening to alot of different music as of late. My girlfriend loves music so when we get in her car she always has a new song on a cd. My favorite song right now is D.O.A. by Jay-Z.

9. What are you looking forward to in summer league?

In the summer league I just really want to work on my game, make myself better in a game-like situation. Harvey has really been helping me out with a few things with my shot and just having a more aggressive approach on offense. So i want to take those things as well as some other things I have been working on and try to implement them into my game.

10. What's one thing people would surprised to learn about you?

One thing that people would be suprised to learn about me is that my favorite sport is soccer and my second all time favorite athlete is T. Henry from France. I have watched every game of the recent Confederations Cup and I am anticipating the upcoming World Cup. I also have a new found love for tennis after one of my managers invited me to watch the Davis Cup when it was held at the Joel. So I have been keeping up with Wimbledon as well.

Thanks to L.D. for taking the time to answer questions and hopefully we will make this a recurring series of interviews as we look forward to the 2009-10 basketball season.

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